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With hundreds of sensory integration rooms under our belt, TFH is the right choice for you!.

The Benefits of Sensory Integration.

Many disabilities can be discussed in terms of senses.  Sensory organs (eyes, ears or skin for instance) are peripheral the central nervous system is in the brain.  It is in the brain that sensory input is rendered useful.

Your brain is promoting vision to read this, or hearing to listen to it, or failing to demote the feeling of your clothes and causing distraction.

The ability to manage sensory input is known as sensory integration.

Sensory integration therapy aims to develop this ability.

Jean Ayres’ theory behind Sensory Integration therapy is well-documented, and fits in with many other educationalists such as Montessori and Steiner who advocated the importance of movement during play and learning.

Recent discoveries show that the part of the brain which interprets vestibular signals into physical balance is closely positioned and related to the part of the brain responsible for sensory integration.  So physical balance and sensory integration are closely linked in the central nervous system.

Any activity which involves movement therefore stimulating the vestibular sense and makes use of the part of the brain responsible for sensory integration.  Such stimulation can be applied freely through normal toddler play (tumbling about) or deliberately through therapeutic intervention.

Where play is not sufficient, possible or avoided, therapeutic intervention is beneficial.

TFH equipment.

TFH British-made sensory integration equipment is used by sensory integration therapists in deliberate intervention, and by children in normal play. Our sensory integration equipment meets all the standard safety requirements for play equipment.

Traditional Sensory Integration equipment is very heavy, requiring considerable padding to reduce the risk of injury through collision.  The TFH range includes exceptionally light and soft swings, reducing safety considerations allowing the therapist to focus entirely on their work, while providing opportunities for the child to choose and manoeuvre swings into or out of the usable area.

TFH equipment is affordable, allowing clients to continue or practice what they have learnt during therapy, improving results and increasing customer satisfaction.

TFH suspension options include portable frames, garden frames, ceiling mounting kits and made to measure floor and wall mounted beams.  We are also a leading provider of fitted wall and floor padding, we can deal with curves!

Amazing reasons to choose TFH for your sensory integration project

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  • Free room design (we redesign until you are happy.)
  • Tried and tested having done hundreds of sensory integration rooms.
  • Over 25 years experience.
  • We offer post installation training.
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Thousands of Happy Customers, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for organising our sensory room here at Hatfield nursing home you have done a fantastic job, it looks amazing! I am sure our residents are going to love this room for many years to come. Again thank you so much. Job well done!
Alan Moody, Hatfield, Nursing Home
Thank you for the time and commitment you gave to fitting and installing our new sensory room. The children absolutely love this space and you have created a wonderful, calming and stimulating area for them. Our service makes an immediate impact. We are able to support parents from the time of diagnosis through to adult services. For the majority of parents we will be the only continuity of care they will have. So on behalf of the children, parents and staff. A very big thank you.
Carol, Stepping Stones Play & Learn Group
Just a quick email to say a huge thank you for the sensory room. Its all up and running and we are getting lots of use out of it. It is a fantastic addition to the ward and a great asset for the children of Wigan. Thank you to all the team from TFH who where involved in the process from design to instillation. It has been a pleasure working with you.
Jannine Stott, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
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